Windscape Artventures' ArtHouse6 & ArtLoft7 are anchors within the Crosswinds Network, which bridges opportunites beyond the Pittsburgh to New York City route, to galleries, studios, and curators in several countries. The home base studios, galleries, and lodging, are located in ArtHouse6 and ArtLoft7, in Downtown Johnstown, along the Iron-to-Arts Corridor. This provides an ideal setting, nestled in the foothills of the Laurel Mountains, a convenient train stop between the iconic art meccas of Pittsburgh and NYC. 

​Windscape Artventures LLC was formed by Artist-Gallerist Marcene Glover to advance professional development, collaboration, and mentorship, through residencies, studio concentrations, creative retreats, excursions, and connoisseur indulgences. So she gathered some of her like-minded collegues...master artists and international curators, to design these networks and programs.

The purpose is two-fold, and the benefits reciprocal. With the focus on elevating fine arts professionalism and fostering creativity, we shine a light on all of the strong arts happening in our region.  The residencies ignite cross-cultural collaborations and reinforce the passion for Destination Arts!

Along with the galleries,  tasting rooms, and painting studios, ArtHouse6 features artist residency lodging, Artique Gallery Soy Candle studio, and the Stanza in Blue installation by Asa Ana. Poet laureate readings, musical performances, and artisan highlights will animate the ArtHouse in the coming season. Also coming are Artique Gallery Market vintage art dealer, Sheridan Sound recording studio and audio library, and the Projects Room...This is a place for artists to thrive within a guided or self-directed format, and the place for connoisseurs and inquisative visitors to take it all in. Together we are cultivating an inspired journey!   

"Let's cultivate an inspired journey!"

about founding director

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art off the rails trail is a local network of walkable destination arts, between the

train station and the incline plane

arthouse6is a haven for fine arts mentorship 

artloft7 is a retreat for creative growth

crosswindsgallery squaredis an international network

about us

Marcene Glover's fine arts education is from Seton Hill University, and several internships and residencies, including Dacia Gallery in New York City, La Macina di San Cresci, Florence Italy, and international fiber arts design with Lauren Helfand.

Glover's 30 plus years of experience are as Courtroom Artist, Congressional Portrait Artist, Arts in Wellness Painter, Fiber Arts Designer,  Cultural Arts Consultant, and Fine Arts Curator, ranging in activities from helping heal and inspire chronic pain patients to incarcerated youth, to representing many rich cultural traditions, to interviewing and collaborating with Congressional members and civil rights leaders, aesthetically representing their issues.

Her work is commissioned by U.S. Members of Congress, and hangs in over 20 public buildings: permanent collections of museums, 

universities, congressional offices, federal courtrooms, and congressional library. She traveled from Nevada to New York City to Washington D.C. and Rhode Island creating and exhibiting a one person show, utilizing the exhibit to facilitate residencies in leadership and creative expression.

Glover continues to paint and exhibit regionally and abroad. She is on the Leadership Team of WCA Womens Caucus for Art New York Chapter, arts advocating for the United Nations human rights platform. These enriching collaborations and mentorships have inspired Marcene to open Windscape Artventures, sharing her studios for professional development mentorships.

windscapeartventuresare activities and excursions in artistic discovery